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Wellness 101 Course

Our wellness 101 course is for individuals who seek to start their wellness journey but may need assistance with getting started. With this course, you will receive 7 weeks of guided instruction and assistance. Weekly1-on-1 coaching as you learn and integrate wellness practices into your daily routine. You will gain a sense of community with your sisters in wellness. Most importantly, you will uncover who you truly are! This course is only available twice a year.

Benefits of the Wellness
101 Course
What the Course Covers
  • Live classes

  •  1-on-1 weekly coaching

  • Energy check-ins with the instructor (throughout the course).

  • Custom energetic guidance specific to your needs. 

  • Access to resources, materials, and references.

  • Community and sisterhood


  • Certificate of completion

  • Life-long membership to the Golden Passage of Wellness (Access to private graduate retreats, events, and community).  

  • Chakra 101

  •  Energetic maintenance 

  • Crystals for healing

  • Energetic hygiene 

  • Eating for Wellness

  • Meditation & Transmutation 

  • Body scanning & breath work

  • Cleansing & purifying

  • Integration of mindfulness exercises

  • Intention setting

  • Ancestorial work


Sound Healing 101

Learn to connect with your higher-self and play the singing bowl intuitively!