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The Healing Mothers Foundation (HMF) is a local foundation that is dedicated to our community's health and wellness. We bring light to the intersectionality of wellness through free public events, classes, healing sessions, and discussions. We are creating a network of healing with the aid of like-minded businesses to support the wellness needs of our communities. We also provide information and resource to assist individuals in making their health and wellness a priority. HMF assists our community members to grow a deeper understanding of wellness and self by hosting annual wellness events like Mothering's Day Give Back and Emotional Wellness Month. Most importantly, HMF pours our nurturing love and energy into our community to cultivate growth and selfcare.

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Drew Johnson Nwabueze

Founder & CEO

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Janet Reed

Event Coordinator 


Tracy Ward

Operations Coordinator 



Marketing & Social Media Chair

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Allyson Wilson


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Jamie Jackson

Volunteer Coordinator

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We thank you for your support and generosity. Your contributions help us provide events and resources to our community mothers and members.  

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