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About Us

 House of Yodi was created for those who seek to have a deeper connection with themselves through creativity, healing, and self-love! Our mission is to help the individual realign, love themselves, and heal! House of Yodi is the home of unique spiritual art, holistic self-love products, various classes, and services.

What People Are Saying

“Drew is absolutely amazing! I had a reading with her that literally ended with me in tears. Which we so FREEING! Her energy, vibe, heart, and spirit is so amazing! Lol, it's like she speaks to my soul, LITERALLY!.”


“I received a sound bath, chakra look-in, and a tarot reading. Being an alternative practitioner myself it’s so important that I am seeing my own healers for guidance and help, and I’ve been on the hunt in my community for my people. I feel my experience exceeded what I went in expecting. I felt SO seen, valued, and heard. I also received some highly intuitive and insightful guidance in areas I was really struggling to see past myself, as the practitioner in transition. Thank you again for your love, and for holding space with me. So… I’m saying… book this woman ASAP”

— Morgan

“I always enjoy House of Yodi! I love the skincare products, calming oils, bath soaks, art, jewelry, and spiritual readings. This company has so much to offer and wonderful service!”

— Kimisha

Upcoming events.

You can find all of House of Yodi's upcoming events on our calendar. If you would like to be a part of our newsletter, where we offer monthly oracle card readings, monthly schedule, promotions, and more, click the button below!


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