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Light Art

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About Us

 House of Yodi was created for those who seek to have a deeper connection with themselves through creativity, healing, and self-love! Our mission is to help the individual realign, love themselves, and heal; so that we can be our healthiest selves for our community! House of Yodi is the home of unique spiritual art, holistic self-love products, various classes, and services.

Why Work With Us?

House of Yodi takes its pledge to provide our community with the resources, information, and tools to realign, love themselves and healing seriously. All of our practitioners are certified. 

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 House of Yodi is accredited as a CPD Group provider. House of Yodi is in accordance with the CPD Group business standards. 

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 House of Yodi is certified ethical! Ethical Network of San Antonio's mission is to bring together ethically minded businesses and individuals to create change through community.


 House of Yodi courses are accredited through CTAA and is in accordance with the CTAA business standards. 

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